Dedicated to the rehabilitation of injured, sick and orphaned Australian native raptors, since 1992.

Raptor Recovery Australia is a registered Australian charity that is part of the Wildlife Recovery Australia group. Its primary purpose is to rescue and rehabilitate sick, injured or orphaned Australian birds of prey with the goal of releasing the birds back to the wild with the highest possible chance of survival. Wildlife Recovery Australia facilitated the purchase of Raptor Recovery Australia’s first raptor centre in the Southern Highlands of NSW. This centre was founded and created by Wildlife Rescue South Coast wildlife carer and Churchill Fellow, Peggy McDonald OAM.

This unique rehabilitation centre houses an intensive care area and a large number and variety of aviaries, including the two largest free-flight aviaries in the Southern Hemisphere created using an innovative circular aviary model. These aviaries are a vital asset for helping birds regain fitness allowing them contained natural flight patterns.

Every year in NSW alone, over one thousand raptors fall victim to injuries or death at the hands of humans: they are shot, hit by cars, baited, caught in fences and traps. In addition, the dramatic loss of their habitat wreaks havoc on the future survival of these majestic creatures. As apex predators, birds of prey play an important ecological role in maintaining the health of the natural environment. They are also indicator species, which means that we are able to better understand environmental threats such as climate change and habitat loss by monitoring their population and health.

Raptor Recovery Australia has partnered with worldwide veterinary and rehabilitation experts and other wildlife organisations. One of our critical responsibilities is to disseminate information and education about birds of prey and best practice standards for their rehabilitation and care. Our access to a network of experts and our unique raptor centre allows us to be at the forefront of raptor rescue, treatment and rehabilitation, and we work hard to give Australian raptors a fighting chance of long-term survival in our skies.


"We're at the forefront of Australian raptor rescue and rehabilitation"

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