Welcome to our Raptor Photographers!

a photo of two photographers wearming camouflage in the field

We are delighted to have “2 Mad Photographers” newly join our team! South African-born Netra Chetty and Hungarian born Ákos Lumnitzer are a couple of crazy photography and wildlife nerds who love to travel and photograph animals. Netra and Ákos try to see everything with new eyes and a sense of wonder. They love to share their images and the stories of their adventures and are often invited to speak at local events and run workshops. Ákos has also been involved with WIRES as a wildlife rescue volunteer since 2008 and coordinates raptor and owl rescues in Sydney’s north west and the Blue Mountains branches. 

They support a number of environmental causes and are extremely proud to support the work of Raptor Recovery Australia with photography and graphic design work.